Sick Pipe Dreams


Trail Data

Trail Length: 6.9 miles

Elevation Gain: n/a

Elevation Loss: n/a

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If you are looking for a combo that is around 7 miles with lots of ups and downs, then this ride is for you. You will park at the South Gate Trailhead by the Ogden Nordic Yurt and ride up the road to the Pipeline trail. You will ride all of pipeline until you reach Cinch and then continue North/East on Cinch to the end (passing the South and North junctions of Mule Shoe). From Cinch, you will cross the road and take Jackass Pass (the trail is the one on the right on the other side of the road. The trail on the left is the end of Cutler’s Twist). Once you reach Jackass Pass you will make your way around the Eastern end of Cutler Flat Campground and group area to the North River Trailhead. Ride the North River Trail to the Bicentennial and Traildemic junction. Make a left turn onto Traildemic and ride the entirety of the trail to the top where you will meet up with Cutler Creek. You will ride down a short section of double track to the gate and just before you go around the gate you will take a right turn onto Connector. Ride Connector all the way to the South junction with Mule Ear and TMF (you will pass the North junction of Mule Ear). From the junction ride TMF to the road and then once you reach the road ride down the short distance until you meet up with Pipeline again and return to where you started.

Total distance: 6.84 mi
Max elevation: 6071 ft
Min elevation: 5644 ft
Total climbing: 932 ft
Total descent: -948 ft

I had originally planned to ride all of TMF to Trail 365 and then either ride trail 365 to the trailhead or to the Pipeline junction but it was getting late and dark.