A Long Bicentennial with a Twist


Trail Data

Trail Length: 8.7 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,809 ft

Elevation Loss: 1,795 ft

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This trail combo is just over 8-1/2 miles with around 1300 feet of elevation gain and loss. It is a loop that starts at the North River Trailhead in the Cutler’s Flats campground area. After riding the short distance on North River trail you will begin a pretty stout and techinical climb up Bicentennial to the Long Loop trail junction, the a fun ride down Long Loop back to Bicentennial where you continue onto Traildemic to ride to the top where it meets up with Cutler Creek. You ride the short distance down Cutler Creek to Connector, then ride a very short distance up Mule Ear to Cutler’s Twist (our favorite downhill option in North Fork Park), and then return to Cutler’s flat via Jackass Pass. You could continue from Traildemic directly onto Cutler’s Twist, but we like the skinny bridge at the top of Cutler’s twist and the short ride on connector is quite pretty and well shaded. Although you are climbing it is a gradual climb that doesn’t take a lot of effort.

Unfortunately we do not have a trail video for this ride – our Gopro got switched to time-lapse mode instead of video. 🙁

Note – the map includes a detour from Traildemic back to North River Trailhead that we had to take due to some weather. The Jeep we rode in had the top and doors removed and it started to rain so we had to run back to the Jeep to throw a tarp over the passenger compartment to keep it dry. we returned back to where we got off Traildemic and continued our ride from there.

Total distance: 9.28 mi
Max elevation: 6399 ft
Min elevation: 5752 ft
Total climbing: 1809 ft
Total descent: -1795 ft