Pipe Traily 365


Trail Data

Trail Length: 3.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 496 ft

Elevation Loss: 497 ft

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This is a good workout ride on 3 trails at the south end of North Fork Park. You begin on Pipeline and ride it to where it meets up with Cinch. You will ride a very short distance on Cinch to where it ends at the road, cross the road and then ride a short distance up Mule Ear to the Junction with TMF and Connector. Ride TMF up and into Cold Canyon (it’s a pretty good climb) and then when you join up with Trail 365 continue on Trail 365 to the South and ride back to the trail head by the Yurt.

If you want more miles and elevation, throw in a lap on Spork for good measure – that will add an additional 5.5 miles and 1,729 Feet of Elevation gain/loss for a total of around 9 miles and 2,225 total feet of elevation gain and loss. If that doesn’t leave you huffing and puffing then you are in better shape than the big bad wolf.

Total distance: 3.55 mi
Max elevation: 5908 ft
Min elevation: 5560 ft
Total climbing: 496 ft
Total descent: -497 ft