Cutler’s Mule and Ass


Trail Data

Trail Length: 8.0 miles

Elevation Gain: 2,409 ft

Elevation Loss: 2,392 ft

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Two of my favorite trails at North Fork Park are Cutler’s Twist and Mule Shoe. Both offer fun downhill rides but because these two trails more or less are parallel to each other, finding a way to ride both in the same session is not straightforward.Cutler’s Mule and Ass is a combination of trails that allows you to ride both of these outstanding trails, and as a bonus you can add another one of my favorite trails, Mule Ear (instead of riding Connector back to the trailhead) into the mix as well. What is cool about this combo is that while you will cross trail paths you never ride the same section of trail twice.

Post Ride Update

After Riding this combo I would suggest the following path instead:

  • Start on Mule Shoe and ride to Cinch
  • Cinch to Mule Ear and either
    • continue up Mule Ear or
    • Use the Connector Trail to the North End of Mule Ear
  • Mule Ear to Cutler’s Twist
  • Cutlers Twist to Jackass Pass
  • Jackass Pass to North River Trail
  • North River Trail to Traildemic
  • Traildemic to Cutler Creek
  • Cutler Creek to Connector
  • Connector to Mule Ear
  • Mule Ear to Trailhead
Total distance: 8.03 mi
Max elevation: 6101 ft
Min elevation: 5610 ft
Total climbing: 2409 ft
Total descent: -2392 ft

(This map and video represents a slightly different order of the trails, and after riding it, the above suggestion I think will make for a better ride option.)

Trail Video