Trail Data

Trail Surface: Rock

Difficulty: Advanced

Trail Length: 2.7 miles

Elevation Gain: n/a

Elevation Loss: n/a

Trail Users:

Trail Users Legend
 Mtn Bikes
Last Updated: February 16th, 2018 by: UtahTrails

The Antelope Island Lakeside Trail is a short trail on the north west of Antelope Island in Northern Utah. This somewhat short 2.7 mile ride poses a bit of a challenge in some places with technical rocky sections. For intermediate level cyclists these can be easily walked with your bike if you are not up for the challenge.

Trail Map

Total distance: 2.72 mi
Max elevation: 4852 ft
Min elevation: 4852 ft
Total climbing: 0 ft
Total descent: 0 ft

Directions to Trailhead

Directions to the Antelope Island Eastside Trail Trail Head

  • From I-15 take the Layton Antelope Drive exit and turn west
  • Continue driving west until you reach the causeway. there is a fee to enter the Island
  • Drive along the causeway (you may want to hold your breath for the first mile or so) until you reach the island
  • Take the right fork when you reach the island
  • Turn right on the road to the Egg Island Overlook

Map to Antelope Island Lakeside Trail

Additional trail info, obstacles, etc

Bugs can be quite a problem, especially in the mid to late spring season. Be sure to bring plenty of bug repellent and use it. Another concern on the trails of Antelope Island are the bison. These are very large animals that can be quite dangerous. If you see one on or near the trail do not approach. Be sure to check in at the visitor’s center before venturing out on the trails for safety information about the wildlife on the island.

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