Trail Data

Trail Surface: Dirt

Difficulty: Intermediate

Trail Length: 2.8 miles

Elevation Gain: 133 ft

Elevation Loss: 130 ft

Trail Users:

Trail Users Legend
 Mtn Bikes
Last Updated: February 16th, 2018 by: UtahTrails

The Antelope Island Elephant Head Trail is one of many trails on the largest island in the Great Salt Lake. This trail starts from th split rock loop and leads to a viewpoint on the west side of the island. From this vantage point you can see the main body of the great salt lake and the west desert.

You will need to start on the split rock loop Trailhead and look for the fork to elephant head to ride this trail. It is a short out and back that you can incorporate into the longer split rock trail.

The ride is moderately technical in a few places and there is a drop that has an option to ride around it as you are traveling outbound.

Trail Map

Total distance: 2.86 mi
Max elevation: 4898 ft
Min elevation: 4762 ft
Total climbing: 613 ft
Total descent: -619 ft

Directions to Trailhead

  • From I-15 take the Layton Antelope Drive exit and turn west on Antelope Drive
  • Drive west to the Causeway – there is a gate at the Causeway. Pay the fee to enter the island and then continue on the causeway to the island
  • At the island stay left at the fork in the road
  • Turn left at Buffalo Point Rd
  • Turn right on White Rocks Loop Road
  • Look for the trailhead when White Rocks Loop Road makes a sharp 90-degree turn at it’s south most point
  • Ride up the short 300-foot climb to the Antelope Island Elephant Head Trail junction

Map to Antelope Island Elephant Head Trail

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