The Tour de Fork


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Here is a trail combination for the super ambitious mountain biker. I have not ridden it yet, but my best guess is this is a little over 20 miles total. This combo rides a portion of pretty much every bikeable trail in the park (as of June 2023). You will ride from the South end of the park to the North end and back again without riding any trail more than once. This one is sure to give your legs and lungs a good workout!

You will start at the South trailhead parking by the Yurt. Begin by pedaling the first 1/2 mile of Trail 365 to the Spork junction. From there you will ride the entire Spork trail (don’t forget the trail is directional based on odd and even days). Once you finish Spork you will get back on Trail 365 and continue riding up the trail (west).

Once you reach the top of Trail 365 look for the Traily McTrailface (TMF) trail junction. You will pedal up TMF into Cold Canyon and then back down to where it crosses the bridge near the canyon entrance (restrooms are nearby if you need one). Continue across the road on TMF until you reach the junction with Connector and Mule Ear.

At Mule Ear you will ride up the trail to the top (don’t forget to take the overlook spur and a short rest – you are going to need it). From the top of Mule Ear, ride down to the Cutler’s Twist trail junction.

At the Junction for Cutler’s Twist, you will ride the entire length of Cutler’s Twist (Probably the funnest downhill trail in the park). At the bottom of Cutler’s Twist you will be at the north entrance road. Take a left onto the road, and then an immediate left onto the trail called Jackass Pass. You will use this trail to get to Cutler Flats Campground and the North River Parking and trailhead at the North end of Cutler Flats. There is another restroom here if nature is calling.

From the North River Trailhead, you will ride up the North River Trail until you reach the Bicentennial Middle trail junction. You are going to ride south on Bicentennial Middle until you reach Bicentennial. From there ride up Bicentennial until you reach Long Loop. At the Long Loop junction you are going to ride Long Loop all the way back down to the Bicentennial/Traildemic/LongLoop junction.

From the junction you will ride all of Traildemic to the end where it meets up with Cutler Creek and Cutler’s Twist. Ride down Cutler Creek the short distance to the Connector trail junction. From here, you will ride South on Connector another short distance to the Mule Ear trail junction, where you will hang a left onto Mule Ear and then cross the road to Mule Shoe.

Ride down the Mule Shoe trail in it’s entirety (pass the first Cinch trail junction) and then at the second Cinch Junction go left to continue on Cinch until you reach the Pipeline Junction. At the Pipeline junction go left again and ride Pipeline all the way to the end. This will put you back near the Yurt and where you parked to begin this mega ride.

Be sure to bring plenty of water and some nutrition. My goal is to ride this one in 2023.